Captain Trypp "Lucky" Sanabit

Captain of the Verdant Viper / Cleric


After his training was completed, Trypp, now a full-fledged cleric, felt compelled to see more of the world and compose his own stories of adventure. He joined the crew of the Infernus, a scout ship headed on a mapping expedition to the Shackles. Despite the ship’s name and affiliation, the crew took the cleric aboard in hopes he would bring them luck.

Trypp enjoyed life at sea, quickly learning the ins and outs of work upon the deck of a ship. He became fast friends with Arron Ivy, a member of the crew with a quick wit and a sharp sense of humor. The voyage of the Infernus was going well until a raging storm wrecked the ship in the shallows surrounding Bonewrack Island.

The majority of the crew survived the wreck and made it to shore, though some went down with the ship, and others were attacked by savage Grindylow before they reached land. The first few days on Bonewrack were desperate but hopeful. It wasn’t until the ghoul fever began to spread that things truly began to look bleak. Ten days after the wreck the first of the three whores who had been brought aboard the Infernus to entertain the crew and boost morale, fell ill with ghoul fever. The other two tried to nurse her to health, but only succeeded in infecting themselves as well. All three perished before the evening of the next day. Trypp helped the crew to bury the bodies.

It was shortly after midnight, the remaining survivors were huddled around a campfire, Trypp telling stories in an effort to raise spirits, when the three dead women attacked the camp. In the chaos of surprise, everyone but Trypp and Arron fell to the ghastly undead. The two surviving members of the Infernus’s crew, fled the beach.

Trypp and Arron decided to build a camp on top of a high hill overlooking the rest of the island near a freshwater spring. They scavenged lumber from the wrecked ship and built a stockade around their camp. As food grew scarce, they tried their hand at farming, sowing crops on the beach. But every time they went to the sandy fields to tend their crops they were attacked by the ghouls. They built scarecrows around their fields, going as far as using the remains of their deceased companions, but the attacks didn’t stop. Eventually they gave up.

Trypp kept a tally as the days went by, scratching row after row of lines into the wall of the stockade. It had been nearly three years since the wreck. Hungry, exhausted, and scared, he refused to give up hope. Arron wasn’t a strong, and gave into his despair. While Trypp was off, fishing on the beach, Arron hung himself in the small shelter they had built in their stockade. When Trypp returned and found him, he barricaded the door of the building, sat down against the trunk of the tree that grew within the encampment walls, and cried.

He was alone. He was alone on an island that was determined to kill him. Trypp continued to survive because he didn’t know how to give up. He went a little mad, talking to himself, or conversing with the ghoulish form of Arron, still locked within the shelter’s walls. He continued to tally off day after day. Hoping someone would find him. Praying that he would somehow get off this island. Praying that he wouldn’t die here too.

His prayers were answered when the Man’s Promise was wrecked ashore on the Isle, and he begged to be brought along with them off the island. After helping them face the Brinebrood Queen, they agreed to bring him on board as Ship Surgeon.

Played by Brad.

Captain Trypp "Lucky" Sanabit

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