Tam "Narwhal" Tate

Deceased Dwarf Rigger


Although slow, Tam has been in the rigging for more years than most human sailors have been walking. His large flat nose and one massive tooth which juts out at an odd angle when he laughs or eats have contributed to his namesake. This old Dwarf looks as tough as a bulkhead. He has white hair and beard.


Scourge’s longtime friend and the non-officer ringleader of Plugg’s crew. Conspired with Syl to try and kill Sireen. In return, the party plotted to get him keelhauled through a plot intended to make him attempt to murder Kogrun. However, the dwarf seemed to get Scourge’s approval to do just that, and might have gotten away with attempting to stab him, if Bart hadn’t ‘accidentally’ dropped him overboard after he was beaten unconscious by Scourge. Nisha convinced the Captain that he was conspiring against him… and the Captain ordered them to let him drown.

Tam "Narwhal" Tate

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