Slippery Syl Lonegan

Human Rigger / Psychpath (dead)


A lithe, quick woman wearing dark pirate clothes and covered in tattoos watches the crew as she sharpens her blade. ‘Slippery’ Syl Lonegan is a nasty piece of work, or thats what is going round the ship anyhow and the dark glint in her eye would seem to agree. No-one has seen her do any dark work but she keeps that blade close and sharp at all times. She’s good-looking enough, except no man is brave enough to try and touch her.


Syl had a past as a psychopathic murderer who escaped prison by taking a spot on the ship. Loyal to Plugg, since she was shacking up with him, she ganged up on the PCs shortly after their arrival, and lost a chunk of her shoulder to a bite from Kogrun. Oakrin beat her in an arm wrestling contest that further irritated her. Conspired with Narwhal to try to kill Sireen, who convinced her that she was sleeping with Plugg too.

Syl was keelhauled after Arin framed her for attacking him with a knife. Plugg refused to argue with the Captain’s orders, and she made an unsuccessful attempt to kill him, enraged at the betrayal. She also attempted to kill Genkuro in his sleep, and was hung over the side of the ship as a result, the night before she was keelhauled.

Slippery Syl Lonegan

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