Sandara Quinn

Quartermaster/Cleric of Besmara


Crowned with a mane of fiery red locks, SandarYet the smile lines at the corner of her eyes and the easy way she holds herself make her lighter side clear. She dresses to accentuate her figure, and her whole appearance speaks of the sea, from the seagull feather in her tricorne hat to the sailor tattoos on her arms and the clay pipe thrust into the corner of her mouth. Carries an ebony holy symbol of Besmara and tobacco pouch.


A devotee of the Pirate Queen Besmara, Sandara was also press-ganged and forced to join the Wormwood. Positive in outlook and warm hearted, Sandara was quick to make friends with the PCs. There are worse places to be than a pirate ship, and Sandara has taken to her new surroundings like a fish returned to the sea from which it was born. She has a good idea of the ship’s layout, and after a falling out with Master Scourge (who tried to make a pass at her and got a slap for it), she’s happy to ally with the others against him. She offers a voice of reason during their plans for mutiny, and uses her magic to heal the PCs often. Recovered all of Nisha’s supplies for her. Helped Nisha and Kogrun find their pets.

Sandara Quinn

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