Rattline Rattsberger

Boatswain // Halfling Rigger


A snarling Halfling with extraordinarily long arms swings through the rigging like a monkey despite three missing fingers. The smallest, and one of the physically weakest of the crew, who mostly stays to himself.


Every pirate ship in the Shackles worth its’ salt has a Yelnihas Halfling Rigger and the Magnificent Bastard is no different. Called ‘Ratline’ for his appearance and his ability to scramble along lines and rigging like his unfortunate namesake, Rattsberger is a master of the ropes and can reach hard spots that larger crew members cannot.

Rattline is one of the few “original” crew members left on the Wormwood. At one time, he was Mr. Plugg and then Master Scourge’s chief rivals for their positions and he played a very careful game to evade notice to avoid being “Mysteriously poisoned” or “knocked overboard”.

Rattline Rattsberger

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