Robin "Owlbear" Hartshorn

Master-at-Arms of the Verdant Viper


A simple-minded hulking brute, who Plugg keeps belowdecks in the middle hold to discourage sneaking around, and also brings him out on special occasions, such as when he had the crew bet on a bare-knuckle brawl between Owlbear and Genkuro (that Genkuro lost). A large man with meaty fists, who enjoys clowning, laughing, and crying out random phrases at the top of his voice to make the crew laugh. Enjoys eating live crabs, breaking the shells with his teeth and fingers, and his shaved skin shows signs of previous tarring and feathering.


An “Officer” of the ship, who Owlbear was is a mystery, given that his current simple-mindedness seems to be due to brain damage suffered after a jealous Master Scourge arranged for a beam to fall and hit him on the head.

Robin "Owlbear" Hartshorn

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