Oakrin "Wrinkles Krakenbreath"

Aasimar Warpriest of Besmara (dead)


An old man with white hair and very blue eyes. An aasimar who claimed to be descended from Besmara herself.

Also nicknamed “The Arm-Breaker” by Genkuro.


Pressganged into service on the Wormwood, Oakrin aided his new allies by continually purifying their rum rations to help them fight the addicting quality of the drink – which would prove to be rather ironic given the way his own life would end. Oakrin knew Genkuro before they were pressed into service together, when he served as a priest and helped Genkuro find seedy jobs, that would often turn out bad for the swashbuckler.

Oakrin helped cover for Arin when Plugg caught him secreting weapons on himself, by punching Jape, and got the lash for it.

Died in a lethal drinking game of Heave and was committed to the sea in a ceremony with the crew.

Oakrin "Wrinkles Krakenbreath"

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