Mister Plugg

Human First Mate


An angry young man, maybe about 21, who always seems furious about something, but somehow his rage simmers like a stew, and even when he loses his temper, he quickly seems to control it again. A sadist and a bully, Plugg is bald except for a black ponytail and sports a long narrow beard. He looks furious, miserable, and uncomfortable, generally, all at the same time. Bare-chested, he wears an immaculate coat with pearl buttons and carries a cat-o’-nine-tails at all times. He clearly takes great pride in himself – everything about him shines, from the polish on his boots to the dome of his head. His teeth are gray and yellow, however, and his face is fixed in an almost constant grimace.


Plugg seems to be extremely ambitious – though he’s rumored to not have been on the boat for all that long, those who stood in the way of him and the First Mate job ended up mysteriously dead – stabbed, poisoned, throttled, thrown overboard. Everyone on board knows that the First Mate is the Captain’s right hand when it comes to dealing with the ship’s crew. He clearly values discipline as the only thing that matters at sea, and tends to strike first and ask questions later. His cutlass is rumored to be magical, and he’s trained to fight with it and his cat-o-nine-tails at the same time.

Plugg seems to have had it in for the PCs since early on, going as far as to tell Jape and his cronies to go down and harass them on their second day.

Mister Plugg

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