Master Scourge

Human Boatswain/ Master-At-Arms


A sneering man with a braided beard and a mouth full of gold teeth. His body is tall and thin, and wears a long dark coat and heavy boots, with a bandana tied around his head. He is bold and violent, as well as sadistic. Carries a whip.


The ship’s boatswain and master-at-arms, as well as Mr. Plugg’s right hand man. As boatswain, he is in charge of all activities and sailors on deck, and as master-at-arms, he is responsible for discipline. Scourge was recently rejected by Sandara Quinn, and in the past grew jealous of Owlbear Hartshorn when a woman he was interested in passed him up for the handsome man. This led to a ‘mysterious accident’ where a beam fell on Owlbear’s head, rendering him brain damaged.

Scourge is also the one who was responsible for drugging the PCs and pressganging them in the first place. He gleefully cut out Genkuro’s eye at the Captain’s orders.

Master Scourge

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