Sailing Master/First Mate/Cook


Goblins are not, by nature, any dumber than a run-of-the-mill human, and Kogrun is both educated and clever. Clever enough to let most people think he’s just a stupid little goblin… Alas, he is also strange, even by Goblin standards. His unusual childhood left him with a really limited ability to relate to humans or goblins. Luckily for him, his beloved parrot, Lady Shank is around to keep him company. Kogrun is pretty much evil. He occasionally has flashes of good, and lacks his species’ hatred toward dogs or horses, but he’s pretty willing to kill or maim. He does have a bit of a code, and is unlikely to turn on his crew. His greatest passions in life are collecting shiny things, stabbing people, and cooking a variety of weird creatures (or people).

Kogrun is a young, green goblin standing slightly under 3 feet tall. As with all of his kind, he has an enormous head with a wide mouth of sharp teeth and small red eyes. He’s strangely for his kind, with human-made vest, a pair of baggy trousers, and a red handkerchief tied over his head. At his side sits an enormous multicolored orange macaw, chewing on some kind of meat…


As a welpling, Kogrun was found sleeping in a crate of melons, by the crew of the Pelican, a cargo (smuggling) ship that made its way through the Inner Sea due to a series of agreements with local Pirates. Captain Gedra (a dwarf) immediately ordered her crew to dispose of the creature, but the superstitious sailors cited that he’d been discovered on a day auspicious to the pirate goddess Besmara. In reality, there are probably a dozen more gobliny explanation of how he got there. Gedra grudgingly spared his life. She named him, and he just never really left.

Kogrun had as good a childhood as a goblin might expect. He spent his first few years underfoot, watching the rest of the crew go about their business. In particular, he was fond of the Pelican’s cook. Despite frequent threats to dispose of him, Gedra took it upon herself to teach Kogrun to sail, navigate, and read. Soon, he found himself put to work as one of the ship’s crew and proved to be a valuable asset (and a sort of mascot).

The relative peace of the Pelican ended when Gedra’s first mate turned on her, and half the crew mutinied. Kogrun made a name for himself that evening, mercilessly slaughtering his surrogate mother’s enemies. At the end, the mutineers were dead, but old captain had been wounded in the fight, and the Pelican barely made it to the shore. Gedra decided to take the mutineer’s shares of their remaining trade and retire to a life of leisure.

With his crew parting ways and his captain retiring, Kogrun found himself without a home or family. During the mutiny, he had discovered a love of mayhem and bloodshed, and realized that it might indeed be a pirate’s life for him. He made his way to the poor named pub, where he immediatley began to imbibe a great deal of rum, forgetting, for the moment, his very slight bodyweight. He isn’t quite sure what happened after that….

Pressganged into service on the Wormwood, Kogrun worked as Fishguts’ cook’s mate and engineered a mutiny, also known as Operation Krakenbreath. Keeps a running list of those who have crossed him, who he intends to kill. Found and freed Lady Shank and Nisha’s octopus. Responsible for the death of Jaundice Jape. Participated in the mutiny on the Man’s Promise, and now serves as cook and sailing master.

Played by Ryan.


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