Genkuro "Patchy" Orangebeard

Spirit of the Kitsune Swashbuckler


In his human form, appears as an androgynous looking man with Tian features. In his kitsune fox-form, has orange fur. Wears an eye patch, having lost one eye.


Grandson of a Dread pirate, Genkuro intended to follow in his footsteps … but not this way. His mischievous sense of humor tends to get the better of him, and is also what led to his run-in with Captain Barnabas Harrigan, that lost him his eye.

He knew Oakrin previously, from business dealings that the two had had, but the rest were strangers to him before boarding the Wormwood. After antagonizing Scourge and Plugg repeatedly, he invoked the ire of the Captain when he disguised himself as Harrigan after standing up for Barefoot Samms, who was getting lashed. Harrigan’s punishment of choice was to make him actually look more like the Captain – missing eye and all. As a result, Genkuro hates Harrigan, and Scourge for fulfilling the order with so much glee.

Revealed himself to be a kitsune to his friends in the Bilges when fighting some direrats, and to the rest of the crew when he went head-to-head with Owlbear in a bare-knuckle brawl.

Became an alcoholic after losing his eye. Genkuro participated in the mutiny against acting Captain Plugg, aboard the Man’s Promise, and became Captain. Less than twenty four hours later, he met his end when they shipwrecked on Bonewrack Isle, and ran afoul of three ghoulish courtesans, who devoured him when he impetuously charged them.

His spirit full of anger, he latched onto a native creature of the Isle – an oakling who would come to be known as The Plank, and compelled him to follow the crew and relay his messages. Now bound to the creature, he continues to seek vengeance on Harrigan as a ghost.

Played by Matt.

Genkuro "Patchy" Orangebeard

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