Fipps Chumlett

Human Pirate Thug


A tall, fat human man with a bald head and multiple jowls. His big arms are covered with sailor tattoos and his acrid body sweat can be smelled 30 feet away.


Fipps is a fat, pushy bully. He stomped around the Wormwood like he owns the place, wielding his influence with the Boatswain, Master Scourge like a weapon. Part of Plugg’s group of toadies, he was also one of the four who picked a fight with the PCs on their second day, and was knocked out by Oakrin. Squished Genkuro’s eyeball, after winning it in a game of Hog Lob.

Fought against the crew when they mutinied, but begrudgingly agreed to join the crew eventually.

Fipps Chumlett

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