Captain Barnabas Harrigan

Garundi Captain of the Wormwood


An intimidatingly tall, muscular Garundi man, with skin the color of fertile earth. His head is shaved, and he keeps his long black beard twisted and waxed into a single lock bound with gold rings. Missing one eye.


Has one rule: Don’t speak to him.

Was very excited about the prospect of hunting down a kraken, and very disappointed when it turned out to be “just” a giant squid, which he dispatched with frightening speed.

Started pressganging sailors into service after most of his old crew was decimated in a skirmish with the Chelish navy. The party has linked this incident to the magical clock on board the Wormwood, which they believe must be offered blood sacrifices in order to sustain the Captain somehow, likely a constraint placed on him by the Chelish.

Captain Barnabas Harrigan

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