Barefoot Samms Toppin

Ship lookout on the Verdant Viper


A young human girl with shocking red hair and an innocent charm about her, who never wears shoes.


One of the few decent people on board the ship, but too busy and overworked to have much time for others. A former fisherwoman, she was assigned to be a rigger as a cruel joke on the Wormwood, due to her fear of heights. She has a difficult time with the job, especially given her struggles with the rum rations, resulting in frequent lashings, and when Genkuro stood up for her and lost his eye in the resulting spectacle, he earned her affection and she made him an eyepatch. Kogrun tried to rally for a job change for her.

She joined the crew when they mutinied aboard the Man’s Promise, and seems very loyal to the crew of the Verdant Viper. Surprisingly, she asked to be the ship’s lookout, a job she has taken to very well.

Barefoot Samms Toppin

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