Badger Medlar

Half-elf Surgeon's Mate on the Wormwood


This older half-elf woman’s dark skin and accent give her away as Alarisian by descent. She has shaved her grey hair into tight cornrows. For a half-elf, she is not attractive in the least.


‘Badger’ gets her name from the unusual hair style she adopts. She has shaved her greying hair into cornrows and stripes which stand out against her dark skin like the hide of a badger. Of Alarisian descent, ‘Badger’ Medlar’s elven blood is only prominent in her almond shaped eyes and lithe figure. She mostly keeps to herself and doesn’t respond to many questions asked her, especially by men. She loves gambling, and takes every opportunity she can to scrape together a game. A tough old salt, who sometimes gets into fist fights.

Badger Medlar

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