Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop

Human Ship's Cook


A slovenly middle aged large, some would say fat, man, weighing well over 200 pounds, and standing only 5 feet tall. He exudes an air of neglect, perhaps even despair, from the bushy tufts of dark hair behind his ears, to his rotting teeth, to the stains on his filthy apron. He walks with a wallowing waddle, particularly when drunk. He talks with a thick Shackles accent, which some people find hard to follow. He’s had so many lashes that his back is like tanned leather.


Ambrose Kroop was technically one of the ship’s officers, but the Wormwood’s drunken cook had more in common with the ship’s press-ganged sailors than with its cruel officers.
He helped the group rebel against Plugg and Scourge and joined their new crew on the Verdant Viper.

Kroop’s days begin with blearily handing out ship’s biscuits to the crew on deck before retiring to the galley to help Kogrun prepare the evening meal (almost always fish stew) in a big pot – if he’s sober enough to manage. Then he cozies up with a bottle of rum (sometimes mixed with raw eggs) and waits for the rest of the day to pass.

Nevertheless, Kroop is a skilled chef, though few of the crew beyond the captain and his officers ever get the chance to sample Kroop’s more palatable fare. His only joy, aside from drinking and swapping yarns with Grok, are his chickens. Kroop loves his poultry and collects any rare breeds he comes across.

After Kogrun was made Cook’s Mate, he and Kroop got on well. The goblin learned that Kroop was trained as a professional chef, and owned a restaurant called the Lobster’s Armor, which was one of Port Peril’s most popular (and expensive) restaurants. But when he was thrown out for inappropriate behavior with his assistant, he ended up plying his trade with several sailing vessels before embarking on the Wormwood, where he had served as chef for the past 3 years.

An affable fellow, Kroop loves his food, and has a definite taste for rum, a habit that’s only encouraged by Cut-Throat Grok, the quartermaster, and Kroop’s best friend. Sadly for his Kroop, his drinking led him to bet his own life against Captain Harrigan in a card game one drunken night 2 years ago. Kroop lost, and his life became Harrigan’s to do with what he would. He offers the officers of the Viper lots of advice from years listening to pirates coming through his restaurant.

Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop

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